SeizAlarm: Seizure Detection & Help Request Service

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Help when you need it, for those with seizure disorders.

SeizAlarm is a user-friendly iPhone and Apple Watch app which allows those with epilepsy and other seizure disorders to alert emergency contacts when they need help.


– Seizure detection. Seizure-like motion detection is done via the motion sensors on the iPhone. Sensitivity controls allow you to set customized settings specific to you. When a seizure is detected, emergency contacts will automatically be contacted via multiple channels (text message, phone call and email).

– Send immediate help requests manually to emergency contacts.

– There is also a manually activated time delayed help request feature (via the «Time Delayed Help» button) that is helpful for those that have localized seizures (auras) that may turn into generalized tonic-clonic seizures. You are able to custom set the delay time in the settings. When a seizure warning is initiated you will see a countdown which can be extended via the press of a button. If you end up becoming unresponsive due to a seizure then once the timer ends a help request will be sent.

– When a help request is sent your contacts will be contacted with GPS coordinates, so they know exactly where you are.

– You can are also able to track your seizure events with robust logging features.

– SeizAlarm also supports multiple emergency contact support, so more than one person can be contacted when you need help.

– Seizure detection snooze which allows you to disable detection when you are doing an activity, such as exercise, which may trigger a detection.

– International phone number support for emergency contact(s).

Help is just a button press away. Start taking back your independence today.

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